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The West Sacramento Art Guild is a community of artists and students working side-by-side in a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth.

Our Mission: Showing the diversity of artists and craftpersons in the West Sacramento area.



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West Sacramento did not have an art group but a number of people decided that a club or some kind of art organization would be helpful to stimulate art interest in the community.  A group could perhaps find areas where the art created by artists of the area could be exhibited.

In 1982 Alice Driver, her daughter, Jean Sawitsky, Joan Leed, Betty Fairbairn Sokolich, and Nora Young founded the Club.  West Sacramento Art Guild name was chosen because they wanted to include all art media. Jean Sawitsky was elected as the first President and Treasurer of WSAG.



Annual exhibits were held at the old Arthur Turner Library on Merkley Avenue in West Sacramento.  The receptions held each year were well attended. Restaurants, offices, and other places exhibiited works by the members.  The meetings were held in a number of places according to the availability of the space such as, the old City Hall on Stone Boulevard, members' homes, Turner Library , Trinity Church,  River City High School art room, and the West Sacramento Historical Society.
The Guild has had many well-known artists such as David Loenberger come to demonstrate or lecture about art. The Guild attracted many artists and people interested in art to attend the meetings.



For a while there was a lull in attendance but it picked up when a new group became interested in joining.  The Guild started to sponsor the Second Saturday Art walks and many other activities, Including applying for grants used for scholarashps and to promote art in the schools.

Starting around 2007 the Guild experienced another drop in membership/attendance and activities became pretty stagnant.  This may have been, in part, due to the economy brought on by the big recession. A few dedicated members kept things going during this time.

In the fall of 2017 with the determination of several old members and some new ones, the Guild started building its membership again which is now thriving and continues to grow!


The following members were nominated and elected in September, 2017 to serve on the WSAG Board for a two year term:

President: Tj Lev
Vice President:  Sharon Kowalski
Treasurer:  Vona Giese
Secretary: Robin Harper Manley
Operations Managers: John Nichols

West Sacramento Art Guild  2018 Board Me
Blue Paper
Purple Marble
Stone Paper


Carol Hawkins

We love to collaborate at This Mixed Media Diorama was a project created by several of our students and instructors. We’re especially proud of our teamwork on the Mixed Media Diorama project. Our artists and staff crafted a winning and creative approach to accomplishing all of their artistic goals.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Carol Hawkins Blue Wing Show
Carol Hawkins Blue Wing Show
Randy Pauley
Wall Gallery
Judie Martinez
Patricia Callahan
Pint Night
Paint Night
Carol Hawkins Blue Wing Show
Carol Hawkins Blue Wing Show
Randy Pauley
Wall Gallery
Judie Martinez
Patricia Callahan
Pint Night
Paint Night


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    WSAG monthly meeting, third Thursday
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    Third Thursday of every month 6:00pm,


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